Formed in June of 2017, Red Internet is owned and managed by Lewis Freeman-Harrison.

Social media and small business in Australia.

Given the fact that the small business sector is the countries largest employer with many located in our rural communities, combined with the pressures of running a business it is no wonder that the uptake of small business establishing a presence online is met with many rebuttals: 
“I am to busy”, “I can not afford it”, “I do not know where to start” and “I do not need it” are just some of the responses when talking to SME’s about their digital needs.

However, when Lewis Freeman-Harrison from Red Internet sits with potential clients they soon realise they simply can not afford to NOT be on the WWW, nor have an online social media presence with quality content.

Although Lewis is a young man in his early 20’s, he understands business. 
Being lucky enough to have mentors on hand for real time support, coupled with a passion for small business, community and the passion to see our SME’s succeed has given Lewis the platform to utilise his skillsets to deliver a range of services that have proven to work and that clients CAN afford.

2018 saw Lewis secure an opportunity to provide his services to members of the BEEFitUP Australia campaign that sees members who join receive a suite of services to help their business launch into a defined market space and help their communities.

Lewis has a vast background in sales and marketing. His first business 4Wow, an online radio station that started in 2013 from humble beginnings. The online radio station went on to becoming one of the most successful online radios in Australia.  View ABC article here.

We design solutions to help you reach your business goals.

We create content to engage with your audience.  

We deliver digital marketing results exceeding our clients needs.